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ZM series mobile radio omnidirectional whip antenna aim to provided mobile communication users a wide coverage frequency from 27MHz to 2500MHz also simply operation and easy install user experience.

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Quanzhou Zhongming Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd. (ZM ANTENNA) is a professional antenna manufacture,located in Quanzhou City Fujian Province.with over 11 years R&D and OEM/ODM experience since 2008.Especially on high gain handheld walkie-talkie antenna,high gain car radio antenna,civilian car radio antenna,base station antenna,yagi antenna,wireless data transmission antenna,accessories of bracket,magnetic mag mount, low loss RF feeder cables(RG series),RF coaxial connectors,lightning arrester and other communication peripheral products.

Our production widely used in telecommunications. China Unicom, radio and television, railway, petrochemical, electric power, coal, port, optical fiber network engineering, optical passive device production, scientific research institutes, etc. And exported to the European. the United States. Russia. Japan. South Korea. Australia, Southeast Asia Taiwan and other countries.

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Antenna Selection For VHF/UHF Amateur Communication-Part 3 Base Station Antenna

The base station antenna is not limited by the moving conditions, so the high-gain antenna can be used, which not only increases the coverage area of the transmission, but also increases the conversion efficiency of the reception, and can better receive the weak counterpart signal and improve th...

Antenna Selection For VHF/UHF Amateur Communication-Part 2 Car Antenna

Vehicle antenna refers to the communication antenna designed to be installed on the vehicle. The most common and most commonly used is the suction cup antenna. Because the suction cup antenna is easy placed and installed, so some fixed amateur stations also often use the suction cup antenna. The...

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